AmmoSeek Certified Retailer Program

The AmmoSeek Certified Retailer (ACR) program is aimed at retailers who have an online store and wish to have their ammunition and related products listed on We have 15-20 million unique visitors per year searching for specific products, and we can help by directing them to your site. Consider us an extention to your sales team. If you are an ammunition-related retailer and wish to sign up for the program, please review the information below.

Program Details:
  1. Program applicants must provide us a qualifying data feed of their in-stock products. Typically this feed would be in XML or JSON format. The feed should include all available ammunition, magazines, guns, and reloading supplies (bullets, brass, primers, powder, reloading_misc) and should be updated in real-time, or at least every five minutes. Here is the requested format for the XML feed for best results.
  2. The retailer agrees to list all their products of a particular type. For example, if a retailer chooses to list ammunition with us, it must list all the ammo they have for sale with us, not only a subset.
  3. Retailer sites must offer customers some method of contacting them (phone, email, etc).
  4. Optional: We ask that a small "seal" be placed on the retailer's top-level page in a position of their choosing that links back to Here is the banner:

    And here is the code to be used to display it:
     <a href="">
     <img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>
    If the above image do not fit with the style of your site, here is an alternative version that can be used instead:

    And here is code for displaying this version:
     <a href="">
     <img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>
  5. Optional: If the retailer has a social media presence we ask that you post a status update to your friends/followers that you are happy to become an ACR with a link to to let your customers know of our new partnership!
  6. Optional: If the retailer so chooses, we'd also love to help drive traffic to your site or to specific product pages through promotions of some kind, whether it be discounted items if the purchaser is referred to the retailer from, or some other mutually beneficial program. We are open to referral/coupon proposals like these and will work with retailers to iron out the details.
  7. While we do not charge any setup fees, being listed in our search engine will incur monthly listing fees. The monthly rate will vary depending upon the amount of traffic AmmoSeek delivers; however, all newly listed retailers will be billed on the following terms:

    • If the products are listed before the final 7 days of the month, the first invoice will arrive at the beginning of the next month. For example, if you are listed on January 22nd your first invoice will arrive at the beginning of February.
    • If the products are listed during the final 7 days of the month, the first invoice will arrive at the beginning of the month after next. For example, if you are listed on January 25th your first invoice will arrive at the beginning of March.
    • For further details, see our monthly listing fees and listing policies pages. If you still have specific questions, please contact us.
  8. Additional Benefits - potential for free quarterly advertising (as space permits)

Do you have a feed ready for us? Sign up here!

NOTE: reserves the right to discontinue a retailer's membership in the ACR program if the data feed no longer meets the defined requirements.