PLEASE NOTE: This FAQ is deprecated. Please see the new FAQ on our documentation site and our User Guide.

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the AmmoSeek search engine.

Do you sell ammunition? What are your shipping rates?

We do not sell ammunition. AmmoSeek is a search engine for finding in-stock ammunition at online retailers. We do not stock or sell ammunition; therefore, we do not have shipping rates.

Hi, I'm an avid shooter and have some leftover ammo to sell. How can I sell it on your site?

I'm sorry but we only list in-stock ammo (and related products) for retailers that have an ongoing business selling online via an ecommerce site. There is a great website for what you want to do though. Check out Gunbroker.com.

How often does the AmmoSeek engine process its ammunition data?

Every minute or two! AmmoSeek is constantly updating ammunition data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, automatically. Certain retailers are updated at least hourly, but most are updated much more often. So we're doing all we can to keep things as updated as possible. Still, however, there's always the possibility that items can go out of stock the moment after our site is updated, so it's not always possible to be 100% accurate.

Hey, I thought you said all items listed are in stock. I clicked on an item and the retailer's web site tells me it is not in stock. What gives?

We are updating our site constantly. Updates are made every minute or two, 24/7. But things are moving so quicky that there's no way to be 100% accurate. Heck, even the retailer sites themselves aren't even always accurate. Since most retailers are drop-shippers, they obtain their stock information from their distributors only on an hourly basis. So while a site might claim they have 15 left in stock, that info might be an hour old and after you place your order you'll be told that it's really out of stock and you can backorder or get a refund. All of this is completely out of our hands.

If an out-of-item persists in the AmmoSeek results for more than an hour, contact us and we'll look into it.

I see a mistake or discrepancy with the data. Why?

In many cases the sites we mine for data are not sophisticated and will contain inconsistencies themselves. Our software mining engine does its very best to display valid data but there are going to be cases where it will never mine the data properly. It's the "garbage in, garbage out" evil.

Also, there will be times where retailers modify their site code causing our software to fail at grabbing the proper information or any information at all. In any of these cases please feel free to contact us about it in case we may not already know that the problem exists.

Please Note: Due to this, we cannot provide any guarantee or warranty that the data provided by AmmoSeek.com is accurate. It is up to you to verify with the retailer the details of any transaction you make. For instance, if we erroneously show an incorrect number of rounds, and you make a purchase based on this error, we will not and cannot be held liable for this error.

Why don't you show the ammo prices along with retailers' shipping rates so seekers can get a more accurate idea of the true cost of purchasing the ammo?

We rate each retailer on their average shipping costs. See our Shipping Estimation page for more details. Some sites (e.g. gun-deals.com) purport to factor shipping charges into the price of of the product, but you will notice that not all products have shipping information added in, and the ones that do aren't necessarily accurate since shipping charges vary widely depending on whether or not other items are also purchased at the same time. Plus, some retailers offer free (or very inexpensive) shipping because they already add in the cost of shipping to the price of the product. Therefore, with such varying levels of accuracy, it makes comparison shopping much less clear than if the basic price of the item is used.

Why is my favorite caliber or online ammo retailer not listed at AmmoSeek?

We believe we have just about every caliber that is sold by our retailers listed in the AmmoSeek search engine at this time. We started with the most popular calibers and now have over 300 different calibers. If the caliber is available at any of the sites in our indexing engine then we are searching for it.

The retailers we are currently processing are listed on the left side of the main AmmoSeek page. We make an effort to put as many online ammo retailers in the engine as possible. Feel free to contact us with new retailer requests.

NOTE: Retailers who wish to be listed in AmmoSeek's search results should provide us with a regular data feed of their in-stock products.

Why do you have advertising? I hate seeing all those banner and text ads on your site. They are an eyesore!

We agree with you, but we must fund our hosting bill and ads were the easiest method to do this so that our service can always remain free to you.

How do I find out about advertising my own product or site on AmmoSeek?

Please see the advertising information page for current rates and other detailed information.

Wow, I love this AmmoSeek thing. Can I just make a donation to show my appreciation?

Thank you for offering, but what we'd most appreciate is if you were to tell all your friends, family, and colleagues about us....and then have them do the same. :)

What is the best web browser to use for using the AmmoSeek engine?

While other browsers may work, for an optimum experience use Firefox or Google Chrome.

Are you affiliated with any of these ammunition retailers in any way?

Yes, some. In an effort to provide the best product data available we invite retailers to participate in the AmmoSeek Certified Retailer program. These retailers provide a product data feed to the AmmoSeek search engine resulting in more accurate data. For others, we scour the retailers' websites for product data with our indexing engine. Read more details about the AmmoSeek Certified Retailer program. Our aim is to find the least expensive ammo for you. Additionally, some retailers have affiliate programs or PPC programs that allow us to monetize links in our search results to the retailers sites. Still others pay what we call "listing fees" which are collected in return for the privilege of being listed in our search engine. This revenue is what keeps AmmoSeek up and running to help fellow Ammo Seekers find the ammo they are looking for at the best prices.

Does ACR (AmmoSeek Certified Retailer) mean you endorse a particular retailer over another or have them go through some kind of vetting process to be listed in your search engine?

No, not at all. The ACR designation only means that we get a product data feed from the retailer instead of having to crawl their site to get their product data. This usually results in more accurate and timely product information. No approval or vetting process has been done for any retailer and we do not endorse any one retailer over another. If you have a poor experience with a retailer listed on our site we do want to hear about it. We take such complaints very seriously and if we receive enough of them for a given retailer we will remove the retailer from our listings whether they are listed as an ACR or not.