AmmoSeek Offers/Deals Promotion Benefit

As an AmmoSeek Certified Retailer (ACR) you can elect to have a special offer or deal for a product or set of products featured by us on both our Deals/Offers page as well as on our main search page Deals/Offers "slider" display. There is no additional charge for utilizing this benefit, and it may be used once per month per retailer. Here are the guidelines:

  1. At any time, any ACR (i.e. retailer that provides us with a conforming product data feed) or any company with whom we have an affiliate relationsip may request to have an offer/deal for a specific product or promotion featured on the AmmoSeek main page's Offers/Deals slider display and on our Deals page.
  2. The promotion must be some kind of offer/deal. This means it must provide the customer with some kind of discount or special. Examples include discount codes for things like free shipping or a general site-wide discount. See our current Deals Page for examples.
  3. It cannot be utilized merely for promoting a product without an offer/discount.
  4. To take advantage of this, please send us the the following offer details when making the request:
    • Destination link to the product or page for the deal. This should be the link directly to your product page or main site URL if the offer is site-wide.
    • The start date and expiration date for the deal, if it isn't open-ended (no expiration).
    • The requested deal title text description of the deal. This may be edited by us to fit for length and appropriateness when publishing.

Contact Us to request a promotion or for further details.