AmmoSeek Retailer Listing Fees

There is a minimum monthly fee (MMF) to have your products listed in our search engine.

  • If you sell loaded ammunition, the minimum monthly fee (MMF) is $179.
  • If you do not sell loaded ammunition, the minimum monthly fee (MMF) is $99.
  • If you only sell a single brand of ammunition or you only offer a very limited number of products, the minimum monthly fee (MMF) is $99. This is our "specialty" retailer designation and is determined solely by AmmoSeek.

The MMF is payable at the start of the month following the first full month your products begin listing with us. This fee pays for the first 2500 raw clickthroughs in each preceding month, ongoing maintenance (making sure your feed is processed properly, etc) and other miscellaneous labor and expenses to keep AmmoSeek's lights on.

If the number of clickthroughs to your site never rises above the 2500 threshold, then you only pay the MMF.

If the number of clickthroughs to your site exceeds the 2500 threshold, then we'll contact you to negotiate a new fee/payment structure. Typically this new fee structure will be based on one of the following option below.

If you already have a 3rd party affiliate program in place, we will use that method from the beginning of your listing (and the other methods do not apply). If you later wish to switch to one of the other methods, we will structure the go-forward rate either to be in line with the average monthly commissions of the most recent few months or use our standard rate below, whichever results in a higher monthly rate.

Option 1 - Join a 3rd party affiliate program
If you sign up with a 3rd party affiliate manager such as,, etc., they will record all clicks/sales information. AmmoSeek typically receives a 5% commission on each sale through the program. Note that the MMF still applies in the event that the total accrued commissions for a given month is less than the MMF of $179 or $99.
Option 2 - Pay per click
Another option is the AmmoSeek Pay-Per-Click program, payable monthly on a month-to-month basis. The first 2500 clickthroughs are covered by the MMF, and then any additional would be subject to a per-click fee. This per-click fee is set at 12 cents per click.
Option 3 - Flat monthly fee
This option is a flat-rate payable monthly on a month-to-month basis. The monthly flat rate is generally based on what your Pay-Per-Click rate is for an average number of monthly clickthroughs. This option may be easier for budgeting purposes. A flat fee agreement can always be modified for future months in the event that the number of clickthroughs changes significantly.
Option 4 - AmmoSeek-managed affiliate program New Retailers Excluded: see note below
This is an affiliate program that we manage at AmmoSeek. This requires installing javascript code on each page of your site, and on your order confirmation (thank you) page in order to track click-throughs and sales. We charge no extra fees for this method so it may be a more economical method than using a 3rd party. However, the MMF still applies should the accrued commissions be less than the MMF each month. Each month, we send you a commissions/sales report and a corresponding invoice. Once you confirm the sales are accurate, payment is made. At any time you may request a report to monitor how sales are going and we will provide one (usually within 24 hours).

PLEASE NOTE: Only retailers that have been listed with us with an established on-time payment track record for at least 3 months are offered this option.

Option 5 - Custom
If none of the above methods will work, we can discuss other custom methods. Just let us know what you have in mind and we'll consider it.

In all cases, we aim to find a mutually beneficial agreement that all parties find acceptable.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.