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Item: Aguila Super Extra Ammunition 22LR 40gr Lead Round Nose 5000rds Free Shipping 640420001050

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  Caliber/Gauge: .22LR (blanks, snap caps, and dummy rounds in this caliber to be included)
  Manufacturer/Type: Aguila
  Bullet Type: target/practice (to include blanks)
  Grains: 40.00
  Price: $219.95
  Num Rounds: 5000
  Casing: brass (to include nickel-plated brass)
  Condition: new
  This is not ammunition (blanks, snap caps, and plastic rounds should be considered ammunition).
  This product is out of stock. (Low stock does not count).
Most retailer's data is updated every 5-10 minutes. It's possible that this item just went out of stock in the past couple of minutes. Please consider not reporting this item unless you notice it's been out of stock and still in our listings for more than 15 minutes. Thanks.
  This is price gouging!

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